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Research & Development
The future of any industry lies in R&D. We seek to improve productivity and reduce costs by developing non-infringing processes. Our main goal will be to develop new applications of our current molecules by modifying their physical structure and chemistry. It will also help us to add Value to our products since it will expand our customer base.

Laboratory facilities at Chitra, Bhavnagar, include electronic balances, KF apparatus, ovens, stability chambers, computers, HPLC with IR detectors, particle size analyzers, and surface area analyzers. Additionally, we have a dedicated Microbiological Laboratory for conducting microbiologic tests. Morden equipment can be found in the laboratory including Laminar Air Flow, Incubator, Autoclave, Colony Counter, Refrigerator, Binocular Microscope, Cyclomixer, BOD Incubator, and Digital Weighing Balance.

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