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Magnesium Salts

Magnesium is a core structure block for living on earth. Therefore, our business has formulated an effective range of magnesium salts that is the best organising particle in chlorophyll, transforming sunlight to power in plants. In our body, it has existed in around 300 enzyme systems, controlling blood pressure, controlling muscle, synthesising proteins, and nerve functions. The provided magnesium salts range is everywhere! This has been conventionally deployed as an element of bath salts. It can additionally be employed as a beauty product. Athletes deploy it to relax sore muscles, while farmers deploy it to enhance crops.
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Magnesium Hydroxide

CAS No.: 1309-42-8 Formula: Mg(OH)2 Molecular weight: 58.33 Synonyms: Milk of Magnesia, Mint-O-Mag, Magnesia Maga

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Magnesium Trisilicate

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Magnesium Hydroxide IP

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