Product Range 

From Bangladesh, Brazil and Colombia to Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, our goods have been a top choice in many of the global markets. Backed by a team of proficient experts, they conduct exhaustive checks on each and every commodity, so as to make sure that they are made in strict conformity to the laid down international standards. After the quality examination, they are finely packed in quality material so to retain their chemical properties for longer duration. Our qualitative range include the following:
  • Magnesium Salts
  • Blended
  • Aluminium Magnesium Silicate
  • Sodium Aluminium Silicate
  • Precipitated Silica
  • Magnesium Silicate
  • Amorphous

Research Laboratory

The world works on a constant drive of innovation. Every field and every aspect of any business has to consistently match up to these forward-looking times so as to stay alive in the industry. Supported by an extremely reliable research laboratory, our team of diligent experts are constantly looking out for making new breakthroughs and advancements, so that they not only perfect their current product line, but also to invent a new set of goods which would exceed the expectations of every patron. These consistent improvements enable our company to cope up with the changing trends and survive in this competitive world.

Effective Results

Commodities which yield positive results always find their position in the market. In order to make sure that our consumers get a true value for their money, our firm is providing a first-class range of products to the global markets. Manufactured using a set of highly advanced machines, our array of Precipitated Silica and other such products excel in terms of quality, and thus are guaranteed to give you the most perfect results you always wished for!

Mission Statement
  • Delivering high-quality raw materials to our customers will enhance the value of their products.
  • Consistently improving quality and production standards to ensure the best possible service for our customers.
  • Establishing lasting relationships with all our customers, vendors as well as employees on the basis of ethical and transparent working standards.

Vision statement
  • A modern R&D facility will be established so that diverse chemical innovations can be realized.
  • We are currently working on implementing the standard production process into our existing product lines in order to optimize production time without sacrificing quality, however, all the while making it more sustainable.
  • Our existing products will be modified to develop brand new products/formulations for the different segments of the market.
  • We will diversify our product offerings by developing byproducts from our existing lines of business to enter new markets and territories.